About 4.2.20

4.2.20 Foundation is a non profit organization committed to advancing access and engagement with the whole Word of God for every language, culture & people.

Why 4.2.20?

4.2.20 is the numeric representation of the letters of the Hebrew word “Davar,” which means the “Word.” 4,220 also symbolizes the remaining task, with over 4,000 languages still requiring a translation of the Old Testament.

“Mission history shows that no church planting movement has been sustained long term without access to the whole Bible.”

Samuel Chiang, Lausanne Catalyst for Orality
President & CEO, The Seed Company

Yet only 9% of the world’s languages have the full Bible.

At current rates, translation of the whole Bible into every language could take several centuries and the supply of full Bible translations available for audio production is likely to run dry within 7 -10 years.

Eliminating the Old Testament Translation Gap

In order for the whole Bible to be accessible to the whole world, the 4.2.20 Foundation assists existing Bible translation organizations to eliminate the Old Testament translation gap.

The training of Old Testament translators and consultants in Biblical Hebrew is a critical success factor in achieving the goals of the world-wide Bible translation movement.

We are committed to training 4,220 translators & consultants in biblical Hebrew by 2033

Reaching the Whole World

80% of the world’s population are oral learners – people who do not read or prefer to learn by oral means.

We believe that to truly make disciples of all nations we must enable access and engagement with God’s Word in every language in audio and other oral forms.

Most Bible-less people groups are oral learners yet the whole Bible in audio is only available in less than 170 languages.

The mission of the 4.2.20 Foundation is carried out through two primary areas:

The Institute for Biblical Languages and Translation and the Center for Oral Scriptures. Click to find out more