Lori A. Miller
Board Secretary-Treasurer, 4.2.20 Foundation; Former Chief Operating Officer, Seed Company
Lori Miller formerly served as the Chief Operating Officer for Seed Company, a translation organization committed to accelerating Bible translation for people without God’s Word. She joined Seed Company in 2010 in a human resources capacity, prior to becoming Director of Field Programs in the western region of Africa. In 2015, she was named Chief Administrative Officer, serving in that role for five years.

Lori began her career in operations management for a small business. When she joined a growing start-up technology company, she had the opportunity to build a human resources function where she discovered her passion for the development of people. After a number of years in business, she moved into the nonprofit sector. She spent nearly five years in Israel where she led human resources and operations for a nonprofit organization.

She is nearing completion of an Executive Master of Business Administration and finding a great deal of joy in the combination of strategic leadership and people development that her current role affords. She is a voracious reader and an avid college football fan. She enjoys the abundant sunshine in the state of Texas in the United States, which is where she currently resides.