Israel Summit 2018

Israel Summit 2018

4.2.20 is the numeric representation of the letters of the Hebrew word Davar, which means the “Word” and is used to refer both to the Scriptures and the Incarnate Word. 4,220 also symbolizes our remaining task, with over 4,000 languages still requiring a translation of the Old Testament. Only 9% of the world’s languages have the full Bible and only 1 in 5 Bible translation projects focus on translating the Old Testament. There are also over 4 billion oral learners still to hear the whole Bible in their heart language.

We want to do something to dramatically change these numbers. You will be joining us for more than just a ministry consultation or tour. This is a summit combining both. Our theme will be “The Whole Word for the Whole World”.

During the day, the Word of God in context will come alive as never before. We will discover new truths, uncover gems of understanding and experience the beauty and majesty of the living Word together. In the evenings we will gather to worship, explore the condition of Bible poverty around the globe, pray for the least reached Bible-less peoples, discuss the missing links in the Bible translation and accessibility supply chain, and examine strategies to impact each region of the world in the next decade. The Generous Giving ministry, through a “Journey of Generosity,” will guide our evenings as we discuss the heart of generosity through story, Scripture and reflection. 

We will end our time with a celebration at Foundation’s first School of Biblical Hebrew graduation. Participants from around the globe are spending 8 months learning biblical Hebrew for the purpose of accelerating translation of the Old Testament in their countries and languages. Upon completion of the program they will begin translations in 6 languages that have no Old Testament.

During the Summit we will hear from our board members, Ram Gidoomal (Former Chair, Lausanne Movement) and Samuel Chiang (President & CEO, The Seed Company) along with other speakers. I hope that you will join us for this important event, and I trust the Lord to make this 4.2.20 Summit a time that shapes history. I look forward to hearing from you and hosting you at the 4.2.20 Israel Summit.


With you in His service,

Dr. David Swarr

PS:  It will be our privilege to host you while you are with us, but we do ask that you cover your airfare to  and from Israel. We recommend that you make your reservation for the Summit as soon as possible, as it will be the beginning of Israel’s busiest season. Please RSVP by Dec 1st to my Administrative Associate, Mary Katherine Stender, even if you are not yet completely sure that you will be able to attend: [email protected]. Our Summit Team will be available to answer any questions or assist you with your planning.

Schedule & Program

Day 1: Monday Feb 19

Daytime:                  Arrival to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv and transport to the Nof Ginosar Hotel on the shores of the Sea of Galilee

Evening session:   Welcome, introductions; Journey of Generosity

Day 2: Tuesday Feb 20

Daytime tour:         Lower Galilee to Nazareth Village – Mt Tabor, Magdala

Evening session:   Journey of Generosity

Day 3: Wednesday Feb 21

Daytime tour:         Jesus’ ministry sites around the Sea of Galilee – Mt Beatitude, Caesaria Philippi, boat sail on the Sea of Galilee

Evening session:   Journey of Generosity

Day 4: Thursday Feb 22

Daytime tour:         Jezreel Valley and Mt Carmel – Cliffs of Arbel, Caesaria Maritime

Evening session:    Journey of Generosity

Day 5: Friday Feb 23

Daytime tour:          Jerusalem trip 1 – Jordan River, Mt Scopus; Gethsemane; House of Caiaphas; Upper Room

Evening:    Kabbalat Shabbat Dinner at Yad HaShmona

Day 6: Saturday Feb 24

Daytime tour:          Jerusalem trip 2 – Pools of Bethesda, Ecce Homo, Via Dolorosa, Holy Sepulchre, Byzantine Cardo, Jewish Quarter, Wailing Wall

Evening:     Worship and prayer

Day 7: Sunday Feb 25

Daytime sessions:   4.2.20 mission, strategy and vision groups

Evening event:         School of Biblical Hebrew Graduation

Day 8: Monday Feb 26

Daytime:           Optional vision groups; optional Jerusalem trip 3 – Garden Tomb, Israel Museum, view of Bethlehem, optional shopping time

Evening:                     Farewell and departures for airport