Announcing the Role Transition of Dr. Charles Madinger: A bridge to the final mile

11 Jun Announcing the Role Transition of Dr. Charles Madinger: A bridge to the final mile

The 4.2.20 Foundation Board of Directors, staff and leadership (Drs. David Swarr, Randall Buth, and Chuck Madinger) are taking a bold step toward raising up a new generation of leaders that understand and practice high impact oral principles and methods to communicate the Living Word. A new entity, The Centers for Instructional Strategies and Oral Communication (CIS), under the direction of Dr. Charles Madinger, will be spun off from the 4.2.20 Foundation establishing its headquarters in Manila, Philippines, with the aim of developing regional centers in Manila (S.E. Asia), Bangalore (S. & Central Asia), and Nairobi (Africa & Middle East).  CIS will focus on two things: strengthening the strategies of organizations, churches and schools; and training a new generation of leaders able to bridge the final mile of 21stcentury mission.  This final mile of the “information highway” leads to the 80% of the world that cannot receive the Word through the lens of Western literate principles and practices that colors our culture’s communication, preaching, teaching and discipleship.

The 4.2.20 Foundation – Center for Oral Scriptures will continue with its program and mission of accelerating access and engagement with the whole Word among oral communicators. The Board and leadership of the 4.2.20 Foundation are grateful for the guidance which Dr. Charles Madinger has given to the Center for Oral Scriptures over the past two years and are fully supportive of the vision and direction in which the Lord is leading him with this strategic initiative in South East Asia. While organizationally separate, we relationally remain fully committed to partnership and collaboration in our programs in order to make the whole Word accessible to the whole world.

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