Appointments: Program Vice Presidents

08 Mar Appointments: Program Vice Presidents

The 4.2.20 Foundation appoints Dr. Randall Buth and Dr. Charles Madinger as new program Vice Presidents. 


Dr. David Swarr, on behalf of the Board of Directors, announced today the appointment of Dr. Randall Buth as Vice President of the Institute for Biblical Languages and Translation, and Dr. Charles Madinger as Vice President of the Center for Oral Scriptures. The Institute and the Center are two programs of the 4.2.20 Foundation, which serve together to fulfill the mission of advancing access and engagement with the Word of God for every language, culture and people.

The Institute for Biblical Languages and Translation combines research and learning to train mother-tongue translators and consultants in biblical Hebrew. The Institute works strategically with existing Bible translation initiatives to accelerate the training process, drawing from both the expertise of premier institutions and programs and the unique context and culture of the Holy Land. The goal of the Institute is to train sufficient consultants, teachers and mother-tongue translators so that translation of the Old Testament can begin in every language by the year 2033.

Dr. Buth has led a life dedicated to the study of God’s Word. Dr. Buth was trained in Israel in biblical languages and historical geography, before spending 28 years as a Bible translator and consultant for Wycliffe Bible Translators and United Bible Societies. He earned a PhD in Semitic languages from UCLA in 1987, and moved to Israel in 1996 with his wife Margret. He is the Founder and Director of the Biblical Languages Center in Israel, which works to promote and develop a living knowledge of Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic in order to fluently read and understand the Bible in its original languages and reproduce these skills in others. He is a recognized voice in the academic field of biblical studies, linguistics, and discourse, and his pioneering work in the field has been an inspirational force for both the democratization and deepening of the study of biblical languages.

About the Institute Dr. Buth says, “I am excited to enable the next generation to enter the world of the source languages of the Bible in order to accelerate Bible translation into all languages.” 

The Center for Oral Scriptures seeks to enhance outreach and transformation among oral learners by highlighting the significance of the oral culture of the Bible and its application in oral contexts. The Center achieves this through specialized research and training for universities and seminaries, and by equipping those working globally with the necessary tools to engage oral learners with the Word of God.

Dr. Charles Madinger, VP of the Center, has invested more than 30 years in discipleship and global evangelism. Following his leadership as a missions pastor, he helped launch Voice for Humanity and T4 Global programs in 15 countries, and then founded Global Impact Missions to help others build organizational capacity for orality-framed strategies. His contributions to the field of orality can be seen in his works, “Coming to Terms with Orality: A Holistic Modelî and ìA Literate Guide to the Oral Galaxy”.

“Center for Oral Scriptures will lead a charge on refining ways to reach Bible-less oral preference learners,” says Dr. Madinger, “through promoting the highest standards of research and evaluation, developing new strategies and innovations for oral instruction, supporting best practices in educating the next generations of leaders, and catalyzing collaborative partnerships that make the Good News good news.”

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