A Revolution in Bible Access

Jul 15, 2022 | Latest News


Eliminating the Original Testament Gap

Shalom! We are excited to share this new video with you: A Revolution in Bible Access 

“To meet the goal of giving the whole Bible to the whole world in our generation, it is estimated that an additional 10,000 translators and 2,000 consultants will be needed in Old Testament translation…God is raising up a new generation of translators to meet this challenge.   

Join us in this movement to train and equip local translators to meet the need for God’s living Word, and together we can help eliminate Bible poverty by sharing the whole Word with the whole world.”


Share the Vision

Help others know about the need for closing the Original (Old) Testament Gap, and how they too can become advocates to multiply whole Bible translations.

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The Whole Word for the Whole World


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