2020 SBH Graduation Invitation

Graduation 2020 טֶקֶס סִיוּם

School of Biblical Hebrew בית הספר לעברית תנכית

The graduation of the Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation’s School of Biblical Hebrew 2020 class is coming up!

Join us to celebrate the accomplishments of our student translators and consultants during the 9-month intensive program. Together we are commissioning them to begin translation of the Old Testament into languages throughout the world which have never before had a full Bible.

June 19, 2020

Ceremony: 11:00 to 12:30 GMT +3

Event Location:
Narkis Baptist Church, Jerusalem

Live Stream Location:

Celebrate with us online. You can also join the Facebook event page.



Abraham Nortey (אברהם), Ghana
Akiloussim Pali (פלא), Togo
Asher Chua (אשר), Singapore
Beryl Lasinga (זמירה), Philippines
Bio Athanase Yanto (עתניאל), Benin
Chongfeng Zhang (תומר), China
Christina Willker (רינה), Germany
Dongkuan Jeremiah Cui (ירמיהו), China
Dorcas Ndwiki (מלכה), Kenya
Dosseh Janvier Sodokin (שלמה), Togo
Ezra Koduri (נחמיה), India
Jae Young Shin (חן), South Korea
Kelley Lazo (אלישבע), USA
(יהושע), Vietnam


Kisoo Kim (עזרא), South Korea
Margie Lumawan
(רבקה), Philippines
Mathieu Bossima Tchando
(מתתיהו), Benin
(הדסה), South Korea
Mohan Gayakwad (משה), India
Noel Lazo (יואל), USA
Salifou Koffi (כיפא), Togo
Samuel Tan (שמואל), Philippines
Sarah Slagle (שרה), USA
Sinhye Choi (חפציבה), South Korea
Timothy Matthies (יעקב), USA
Dvora (דבורה), Vietnam
Vinod Varkey (בועז), India

Board of Directors Special Speakers:

Samuel Chiang, 4.2.20-IBLT Board Chair & Catalyst for Orality, Lausanne Movement
David Hamilton, VP for Strategic Innovation, University of the Nations
Dr. David Swarr, President & CEO, 4.2.20-IBLT

“…The seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it.
This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

–Matthew 13:23

“So shall my Word be
that goes forth from my mouth;
it will not return void,
but will accomplish that which I purpose.”

–Isaiah 55:11