90% of the world’s languages do not have the whole Word of God.

Can you imagine opening your Bible and not finding the Creation story from Genesis? What about the parting the Red Sea, Noah and the Ark, or David and Goliath? How could you understand God and His plan for all of humankind?

Over 1 billion people around the world have never heard the whole story of the Bible.

Hike 4 HELP is an initiative of 4.2.20 Foundation. This spiritual and physical journey, led by Cameron Mayhill and David Martin, will raise scholarship funds for students in remote areas around the globe to receive Bible translation training from 4.2.20 Foundation’s Jerusalem-based biblical Hebrew program.

Our team will hike 40 miles from Nazareth to Capernaum in Israel over 4 days to raise scholarships for 40 students to attend the Hebrew Extension Learning Program. $6,000 = one scholarship for a student for the two-year program. Our overall goal is $240,000 as a ministry. It is a big goal, but we have high expectations for how many students God will open the door for us to sponsor!


40 Miles Hiked = 40 Students Sponsored = 40 Old Testament Translations Started  


November 3–12, 2023 


$5,000* plus $12,000+ raised for student scholarships  
*Included are flights to Israel, transportation, housing, and food while in Israel

4.2.20 Foundation will provide all arrangements of flights and logistics, fundraising tools, and encouragement. Additionally we will provide guidance, experience, and security while in Israel.


DAY 1: Travel from US to Israel 
DAY 2: Arrival day in Nazareth and preparing for the trail for the next day 
DAY 3: Worship in Nazareth and then walk Nazareth —> Cana  
DAY 4: Walk Cana —> Lavi     
DAY 5: Walk Lavi —> Arbel  
DAY 6: Walk Arbel —> Capernaum     
DAY 7: Additional Day in Capernaum
(aka Galilee) 
DAY 8 & 9: Jerusalem area—Via Dolorosa     
DAY 10: Return to the US 


Registration deadline March 31, 2023

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