For a Time Such as This

17 Mar For a Time Such as This

For a Time Such as This

The hope of God’s full story

Today we are reminded of the biblical story of a young woman who stood in the gap for her people. At great risk to herself, she stepped into the position God placed her in at such a time and acted on behalf of a nation that could not speak for itself.

The holiday of Purim, which runs this week from March 16-17, is celebrated to remember Esther’s story, reminding us of how God’s salvation and redemption are sovereign over the rulers and powers of this world. From the highest earthly authorities to the poor and powerless, God invites each of us to our time, place, and position in His story.

Even at such a time today, when the destruction of war and the displacement of millions reminds us of the terrible impact evil continues to make in our world, we at 4.2.20-IBLT are consistently encouraged and humbled by the faith and sacrifice displayed by our Hebrew language student translators. These individuals are working hard to learn the skills needed to stand in the gap for those who still need the Word of God in their own language, spreading the impact of the full story of Scripture.

There are 117 current students learning biblical Hebrew with 4.2.20-IBLT, both online and in the residential (School of Biblical Hebrew) program. They represent 25 different nations. Among the residential students, we have four Deaf-language translation consultants, from both Russia and Ukraine, working on translation projects for Russian and Ukrainian Sign Language.


Please pray for our Ukrainian and Russian brothers and sisters as they stand in the gap for Deaf men and women in those nations.

Although the powers of darkness may try to dominate and divide, God is at work multiplying the impact of these few and faithful. Join us also in prayer for the more than 4,000 languages in the world that still need to know God’s full redemption story.

Thank you for sharing the Word,

The 4.2.20-IBLT Team
The whole Word for the whole world



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