The ORIGINAL Testament Gap

Of the 7,000+ languages in the world,

Over 6,000
DO NOT have a FULL Bible
Of these, over 40%
DO NOT have a WRITTEN form
Of the 400+ sign languages in the world,
ONLY 1 has a FULL Bible

Fulfilling the Great Commission requires a great commitment from God’s people. A major roadblock to this task is what we call the Original (Old) Testament Gaponly 10% of the world’s languages have a full Bible.

Without the Original Testament, many New Testament references remain incomprehensible. On average every fourth verse in the New Testament is a reference, illusion, or direct quote from the OT.

What if you
Never heard
The whole story?

Imagine a world where people don’t have knowledge of the creation story, the stories of faith in the Hebrew Scriptures, or even the 10 commandments. Right now, multiple millions of people do not have the access to the whole Word of God, most of them are without any foundation of the whole Bible.

Whole Word Institute bridges the gap by training native speakers to translate directly from Hebrew into their mother tongue. Our goal is to see Original Testament translation underway in every language by 2033.

Achieving this giant task will require grace, hard work, and more than a few miracles. Serving with partners around the world, we can make the Great Commission a great and glorious reality in our lifetimes. Please join us in this great commitment to bring the whole Word to the whole world.

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